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Poor Credit Rating, We Can Help You Finance Your Next Car

Specialist finance

At L2U we fully understand that not everyone has an A1 credit rating.
This is why we have developed specialist funding methods to help you lease the vehicle you need. In the current financial crisis more and more people are finding that they now have what is classed as a poor credit rating, this can be through no fault of their own

Can L2U offer Contract Hire?

Yes we can, obviously the rental rates will depend on your situation. However we very rarely fail to place a customer irrespective of their own credit status. As more and more lending decisions are made by computers, people and businesses are being viewed as risk factors, rather than as individuals. It's hardly surprising that we sometimes find ourselves having difficulties obtaining vehicle finance that we know we can afford.

It's a computerised world!

Today, due to tighter lending criteria than ever before and the systemised underwriting policies of twitchy banks and institutions, greater numbers of people are finding themselves falling outside "normal" lending criteria.


You may think that you are alone in experiencing difficulties arranging finance, dont worry, nothing could be further from the truth. That's why we have access to more than one source of finance, so we have the greatest chance of supplying you with the vehicle you need.


At Lease2u if finance is declined by one finance house will will automatically send your proposal to another. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to supply your vehicle needs.


We believe in going that extra to satisfy our customers because, if we can satisfy your needs today, you will be coming back to deal with us in the future.


Our future is directly tied to your complete satisfaction.

I have a CCJ can you help?

Not a problem. We specialise in customers who have adverse credit files. The more information that you give us then the better placed we are to help.

Will my home be used as security?

NEVER! We look at each individual case and offer the best solution for you. We are not loan sharks, we are here to help without putting your home at risk.

Can we help anyone?

We can help most people, however if you are an un-discharged bankrupt then unfortunately we will not be able to help. However we do have other means of funding your vehicle. You may require a non status car or van lease, yes the initial rental is a bit more than people with a prime finance lease will pay, but they has to be expected as the finance companies view people with any kind of adverse credit as a higher risk.

How much must I pay in advance?

We will determine this after looking at your situation on an individual basis. Our aim is to have our underwriters look at you or your company and advise the best means of funding that is suitable to both you and ourselves. The normal initial rental on a non status car or van lease is four times the monthly rental.



At L2U we do not look down our noses at you. We fully understand that from time to time things go wrong for all of us. That sometimes payments will be made late. That you may have disagreements with suppliers that end up in court. IT HAPPENS! We believe a problem is only a problem if we are not looking for a solution. We are open minded and we are willing to look at your needs no matter how dire you may feel the situation is.


Training company, Essex
This company had five county court judgements registered against them and a winding up order placed on them. They needed two 7.5 tonne box vans to enable them to continue trading after winning a contract. L2U sourced the vehicles and the funding for this company.

New start up sole trader, Aberdeen
John had just come through a messy divorce. Due to the divorce he had defaulted on credit cards and had been late in making payments to his mortgage. He wanted to setup as a self employed multi drop driver. We found him the vehicle and also sorted out the finance for him. Two years down the line, John now has another two vans on the road.


Lease2u are registered for data protection to control and protect all the information you give to us. If you want to know how credit scoring works then please click  HERE

Van Leasing


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